S.No.Type of InstallationNatural Power Factor
1Cold storage and Fisheries0.76 to 0.80
2Cinemas0.78 to 0.80
3Metal pressing0.57 to 0.80
5Dyeing and printing (textile)0.60 to 0.87
6Plastic moulding0.57 to 0.73
7Film Studios0.65 to 0.74
9Heavy Engineering Works0.48 to 0.75
10Rubber extrusion and moulding0.48
11Pharmaceuticals0.75 to 0.86
12Oil and Paint manufacturing0.51 to 0.69
13Silk Mills0.58 to 0.68
14Biscuit factory0.60
15Printing press0.65 to 0.75
16Food products0.63
18Flour mill0.61
19Gas work0.87
20Textile Mill0.86
21Oil mill0.51 to 0.59
22Woolen mill0.70
24Cigarette manufacturing0.80
25Cotton press0.63 to 0.68
27Tiles and mosaic0.61
28Structural engineering0.53 to 0.68
29Chemicals0.73 to 0.87
30Municipal Pumping Stations0.65 to 0.75
31Oil Terminals0.64 to 0.83
32Telephone Exchange0.66 to 0.805
33Rolling mills0.60 to 0.72
34Irrigation Pumps0.50 to 0.70

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