Smart Micro-Grid for Industries
The above picture is a system that will decrease the dependency of your factory on main grid.
It is a hybrid system that incorporates small wind turbine, photo-voltaics, etc with main grid to fulfill your energy demand with less dependency on main grid. This proposed system can generate most of the energy required at your place.
As photo-voltaics generate power during working hours it can fulfill lighting demand and other small loads such as printers and computers. If you do not have much space for complete solar PV system, you can use hybrid system by incorporating wind turbine at your building’s rooftop.
As you will be able to generate electricity of your own, significantly you will have to pay less to the electricity provider.
Since we have energy storage system associated with our microgrid we will always have backup in any undesired malfunction or during night.
Considerably renewable energy systems (WTs and PVs) that are integrated with the building and can be operated either in a grid-connected mode or island mode. Each building can include small WTs and PV units mounted on the rooftop.
To make this system more viable and reliable small DG set can also be integrated in microgrid.
This system can be a step to transforming your office building into green building. Net zero carbon emission can also be achieved by further advancements.

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